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Make the decision to create lasting change today!

Give yourself the gift of healing.

There is no greater way to

heal your soul than to gain the

understanding that

life continues after death.

To learn that your heart is

ready for you to find your path.

To discover your own spiritual gifts.

To reveal the divine purpose of your life.

To become connected to your life force energy

and the Divine within you.

Ashley Olstein

Welcome to the Solstice

Ashley Olstein at Glastonbury Tor


Energy is ever present.

Energy can not be created or destroyed,

it just changes forms.

That statement works for me in thinking about humankind.

Our inner spark,

our true essence - our soul - is energy!

So what happens when we die?

Our energy, our soul, just changes forms.

When we can learn how to

tune into that energy,

we are granted access into the

Magical World of Spirit. 


Bundle and Save!

Book 3 sessions and get 20% off

Use the code BundleUp at checkout

Mix and match or plan your healing journey! Save 20% when you book ahead. Give yourself the gift of self-care through continuity. I love building relationships with my sitters over the course of multiple visits.


Psychic / Mediumship Reading

Sometimes we just can’t figure things out on our own. Sometimes we need that extra guidance from The Divine Source to see the paths in front of us. As a psychic, I will never tell you what to do, but I will empower you to clear these paths for yourself and tune in to your own intuition.


A tremendous amount of healing can occur when you are touched by spirit from the other side of the veil; when you can hear evidence that your loved ones still exist. That their soul lives on beyond space and time: Love never dies. Let me be the ’translator’ that shows this to be true.

Luskentyre Sands, Harris, Hebrides, Scotland, UK

Soul Reading/
Spiritual Assessments

I believe that we are ALL surrounded by a spirit team: guides, angels and loved ones (in human AND animal form). During a soul reading, I ask them all to gather close and help me to see the true ‘self' of the sitter. As energy is never created or destroyed, I feel as though the inner flame - the soul and higher self of a person - carries on for eternity. Let me help you to get to know that part of yourself. In my experience, this is the essential first step to fulfilling your life's purpose.

North Country 500, Scotland, UK

Angelic and Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety. I also have studied how to include the Angelic Realm in my healing. This allows angels and ascended masters to channel their healing through me. It can be either 'hands off' or with a gentle touch where my hands are used to deliver energy to your body. This energy works to improve balance and flow while supporting your healing. As this is an energy modality, it works just as well across the internet. I have found that Zoom appointments have been equally as effective as in person. I am able to do either at your convenience.

repose, acrylic painting, Ashley Olstein, Solstice Intuitive Arts

Soul Readings with Art

Starting at $300

Throughout my process, I have kept returning to art. Color. Movement. It’s as though I’m able to “journal” my experiences on the canvas. I’m excited to offer a unique and truly personalized session. 

Allow me to meet with you for a 30 MINUTE SOUL SESSION. Afterward, with Spirit, I will create a piece of art that interprets your reading. NOTE: This session is booked for a 3 hour block, but our meeting time together will only be for the first 30 minutes. 

I will ship your piece to you for an additional cost (based on your location). I would only ask that I can use images of the piece for my own publications, but will not attach any identification to it. 

Not sure how to begin?

Reach out to me and we can figure it out together.

My goal for our time would be for you to feel

happiness and love in your heart. 

Blurry Lights

Remote Sessions Are Available

"Love knows no bounds"

Love is energy.

As energy is able to be everywhere at all times, all of my offerings are available and effective online.

I'm also available to

meet in person if preferred.

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